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Redevelopment of Outdoor Early Learning Area

After much anticipation, the Nursery outdoor play area had a boost with the installation of a number of features to encourage valuable and interesting play experiences.  As soon as Jennifer and her team opened the door on the first day of term, it was clear that the children had the chance to use much richer language to talk about their play.  The outdoor area gives the nursery staff much greater opportunities to talk to children about what they are doing and planning to do.  We still have a bit of work to do on the paintwork around the walls, but we are much happier with the environment that has been created.

Have a look at some before and after photos:

WP_20160804_11_35_07_Pro WP_20160817_10_07_09_Pro WP_20160817_10_07_19_Pro WP_20160817_10_07_39_Pro