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Our Vision and Values

Newburgh Mathers – A School in its Coastal Community

At Newburgh Mathers School, with the involvement of the whole school community, we enable our learners to know, to do, to be and to live together[1].

As a community, we aim to ensure

  • The participation of all children in planning for their learning
  • Respect for each other
  • Diversity is celebrated
  • The development of resilience and determination
  • High expectations and achievement for all
  • Leadership for learning at all levels

Our broad general education aims to ensure our learners reach their potential through a wide variety of rich and challenging activities that deepen their learning and give opportunities for achievement in, through and about their local, national and global environment.

[1] (UNESCO, 1972) (UNESCO, 1996)

We have explored what we value in our community with the children.  With the older children, we agreed on:

  • Respect, Rights, Responsibility

But we also like a suggestion from one of our P1s and agreed we would keep it as well:

  • Behave, Be Clever, Be Healthy